Having ADHD can create a lot of challenges in one’s life, many of which have been discussed in other blog entries. However, there are also several positive qualities and strengths that are often seen in individuals with ADHD. A recent study found that individuals with ADHD were much more creative and free-thinking than those without ADHD. This creativity can be an asset in jobs and projects that require thinking “outside-of-the-box.” Additionally, many people with ADHD tend to solve problems in unique ways and can give new ideas during group problem-solving tasks. While ADHD can include trouble focusing, most individuals with ADHD can maintain strong focus on tasks that interest them. This means that they may be more likely to stick with certain tasks when others have given up. Each of these qualities can be beneficial in certain work settings.

Socially, many individuals with ADHD tend to be outgoing and popular. Their humor, high energy, and spontaneity attracts others, and they may do well in sales or other interpersonally-based positions. Additionally, there are many famous actors, artists, and performers with ADHD, all of whom have used these strengths in their roles. Finally, many individuals with ADHD have experienced life challenges because of the different way their brain functions. They may have received poor grades or negative comments from teachers or employers, and they may have felt judged. Because of their experience being an “outsider,” individuals with ADHD may be more accepting of others and respect differences.

While receiving a diagnosis of ADHD may feel like something is “wrong,” there are also many strengths present. A single diagnosis does not rule one’s life, and every person’s experience is different.