While most mental health professionals diagnose psychological disorders based on interviews or brief assessments, psychologists use research-based tests and other measures to help make diagnoses. At Four Corners Psychological Services, your evaluation will consist of a detailed interview, followed by administration of carefully selected measures to address your individual needs.

  • Identify diagnosis
  • Lack of progress in therapy
  • Seeking treatment recommendations
  • Emotional or behavioral issues (i.e., moodiness, rule-breaking, drug use, self-harm)
  • Second opinions
  • The evaluation consists of an interview, psychological testing, consultation with outside sources, and a feedback session.
  • Depending on the amount of testing, the evaluation is completed in one or two sessions. Testing may include symptom inventories, personality tests, and other measures.
  • If you are currently participating in individual or family therapy or receiving any mental health treatment, a release of information will be obtained to allow me to speak with mental health providers to gain further information.
  • Approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the evaluation, there will be a feedback session to review test results and provide recommendations. The report will typically be available following feedback.
  • Evaluations are billed on an hourly basis, including time spent interviewing, testing, speaking with outside sources, preparing the report, and providing feedback.
  • During the free initial consultation, I will provide you with an estimate for services. Time and cost are always priorities in determining what approach is best for your needs.


To discuss your interest in testing or determine whether assessment is appropriate for you or your child, please call or email Dr. Fox for a free consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Fox can answer your questions and collaborate with you to determine the best options based on your particular needs.

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