Frequently Asked Questions

Educational evaluations include testing for: dyslexia/reading disorders, dysgraphia/writing
disorders, dyscalculia/math disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
(ADHD)/executive functioning, admissions testing, and other academic concerns. Psychological
evaluations include testing for: behavioral and emotional concerns, facilitation of
treatment/treatment planning, and diagnostic clarification. At times, a combination of both
types of testing is needed when there are concerns across a variety of areas.

Brief adult ADHD evaluations are offered for clients with relatively straightforward
presentations that are suggestive of ADHD. These evaluations are for determination of the
presence of ADHD and to provide brief recommendations for treatment. For clients with a more
complex history, a full evaluation is encouraged and will be discussed at the initial consultation.

For all evaluations, an initial phone consultation is required to determine specific testing needs
and discuss the process and cost. For full educational or psychological evaluations, the process
includes: an interview, 1-2 half days of testing dependent on specific areas to be assessed,
permission to speak with collateral sources (i.e., teachers, tutor, therapist, prescriber, partner,
parents), completion of rating scales (in some instances), school observation (in some
instances), and a feedback session to review test results. Brief adult ADHD evaluations consist
of a virtual interview (1-2 hours) and rating scales.

Evaluations are charged at an hourly rate of $200/hour. Total costs vary depending on the
specific areas being tested, and an estimated price range will be provided during the initial
consultation. Brief adult ADHD evaluations cost $600, and admissions testing ranges from $600-
$1000 depending on whether both cognitive and achievement testing are needed.

**Sibling evaluations are offered at a 10% discount as appreciation for returning clients.**

I work with clients age 6 through adults.

Availability varies. At times, I am able to see clients within a couple of weeks and other times
may have a 4-8 week waiting period. It is recommended that families get scheduled as soon as
they have concerns to avoid delaying diagnosis and potential access to services. Additionally, if
there is a pertinent deadline, such as applying for accommodations on college or professional
exams, please schedule evaluations with sufficient time for testing and report writing so your
paperwork can be submitted on time.

Evaluations typically take about 2 weeks, including an initial interview, 1-2 half days of testing,
collecting collateral information, writing the report, and meeting for feedback. Reports are
available the day of feedback. Occasionally, the process may take closer to 3 or 4 weeks if there
is a delay in returning paperwork/rating scales or getting in touch with collateral sources.

The evaluation report is sent to the client or their parents directly. If specified and a release is
signed, I can send to other recipients. It is recommended that clients or families provide the
report to their school, treatment providers, prescriber, or other relevant party, but it is solely
their discretion.

I only provide assessment services, but will refer you to trusted providers depending on
treatment needs. Similarly, I am not licensed to prescribe medication and will refer you to
appropriate providers.

I do not accept insurance, and payment is due at the time of services (initial deposit and
balance due at feedback). I can provide a Superbill if requested.

I do not accept Medicaid, and I am unable by law to accept payment from Medicaid recipients
even if they would like to pay out-of-pocket.

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To discuss your interest in testing or determine whether assessment is appropriate for you or your child, please call or email Dr. Fox for a free consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Fox can answer your questions and collaborate with you to determine the best options for you.

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