Psychological and Educational Assessment

Dr. Stephanie M. Fox

Welcome to Four Corners Psychological Services. I am Dr. Stephanie Fox, and I offer psychological and education assessment for children, teens, and adults.

My Approach

As an evaluator, it is my goal to make the process as comfortable, accommodating, and informative as possible. I also tailor the evaluation to each testing client, using only the tests necessary to answer the assessment questions. This process should feel warm and welcoming, with an overall goal of providing a positive and supportive experience.

What is assessment?

Assessments can help when there are questions about mental health or learning issues that are impacting your life or school performance. The process involves interviewing and taking special tests that are designed to answer the questions you have about yourself or your child. Once all of the information is collected, we will go over the results in detail and you will be provided with a report to share with your school or mental health providers.

What types of issues can be tested?

  • ADHD/Executive Functioning
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning Disorders/Academic Difficulties
  • Mental Health/Emotional Issues
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Personality Disorders

CALL 720-441-4624 for CONSULTATION

To discuss your interest in testing or determine whether assessment is appropriate for you or your child, please call or email Dr. Fox for a free consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Fox can answer your questions and collaborate with you to determine the best options based on your particular needs.

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