There are a lot of different types of mental health and educational professionals in the state of
Colorado. We all have letters behind our names to signify our degree or our credentials, but
what do they all mean? And further, which ones of us can do psychological or educational
testing? This blog post is to help inform you of what to look for when choosing your or your
child’s evaluator.

PsyD/PhD – These individuals have completed a Doctorate in Psychology. There is really no
significant difference between a PsyD and PhD, but simply a different type of school program.
In order to practice psychology or offer psychological testing, PsyDs and PhDs must be licensed
as psychologists in Colorado. These professionals have the most training in assessment and

School psychologist – School psychologists often have Master’s or doctoral degrees in school
psychology. They can provide psychoeducational assessments within the school setting. In
Colorado, school psychologists are not permitted to provide testing outside of the school
environment unless they become licensed as psychologists.
LPC – Licensed Professional Counselors provide therapy and consulting services but are not
allowed to administer psychological evaluations, even if they have previous psychological
training. This is also true of LCSWs (Licensed Clinical Social Workers), LMFTs (Licensed Marriage
and Family Therapists), and Registered Psychotherapists.

When you visit a professional’s website or view them on a directory, make sure to find their
degree type and credentials. Make sure the license number is clearly listed and that the
individual is allowed to offer testing, as explained above. Too many families mistakenly visit
professionals who are not sufficiently trained or ethically allowed to offer testing. When this
occurs, families who have invested time and money seeking help may end up with diagnoses or
test results that are invalid or incorrect. Be sure to understand your evaluator’s qualifications
before proceeding with testing to help make the best choice for you or your family.