When Too Much Gaming Becomes a Disorder

This blog has discussed some of the downsides to too much screen time, but there is another type of screen time that can be even more problematic: gaming. Gaming can include game play on a gaming console, computer, hand-held device, or phone, and is a favorite pastime for some young people. When gaming begins to overtake other areas of a person’s life, however, the hobby may have evolved into a disorder. Gaming Disorder is a [...]

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The Power of Nature

Many people seek special supplements or alternative therapies as part of their self-care and improving their mental health. In actuality, there is a mental health booster that exists all around us: nature. Here in Colorado, we recognize the appeal of our natural landscape and the joy of being outside. Now, research has confirmed that spending time in nature is good for one’s mental health. Even living close to nature is enough to have an impact. [...]

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Vaping: The Facts

Vaping is a new trend that has increased rapidly in popularity, particularly among teenagers. Introduced as an alternative to smoking, vaping involves inhaling and exhaling nicotine that has been heated in a vaping device (such as an e-cigarette or a vape pen). This nicotine also contains flavoring and other chemicals. Not much is known about the chemicals found in vaping devices; while some consider them “safer” than traditional cigarettes, there are still risks from inhaling [...]

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What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning (EF) is an area I often get asked about and asked to assess in educational evaluations. Most folks tend to know executive functioning is important, but are not quite sure what it means and what skills it entails. This entry will explain EF and its impact on school performance and daily functioning. Executive functioning is a term describing a set of cognitive processes involving mental control and self-regulation. These processes are necessary for [...]

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Hidden Dangers of Marijuana Use

Marijuana is a common recreational drug, particularly here in Colorado. Historically, the drug has been thought of as less harmful than other “harder” drugs, such as methamphetamine and heroin. While recreational use of marijuana has occurred for decades, today’s marijuana is different than its predecessor. In particular, current marijuana strains have been described as stronger and more potent, with a higher content of THC (the substance that causes psychoactive effects). Specifically, scientists estimate that previous [...]

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