LGBTQ+ Teens

June is Pride Month, a time to show support for the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate diverse identities. Teens today are increasingly identifying with the LGBTQ+ community and they report being more sexually and gender diverse than previous generations. As a quick lesson – sexual and gender identity are two different concepts that are unrelated. Sexrefers to one’s biological sex (boy or girl) based on chromosomes and reproductive characteristics. Genderrefers to one’s felt and/or expressed sense [...]

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How Childhood Bullying Affects Adulthood

Unfortunately, bullying is a reality many children and adolescents face. While bullying can be devastating at the time, new research has examined the lifelong impact of being bullied as a child or teen. Bullying can include name calling, excluding others from social groups, stealing others’ possessions, and threatening physical harm. In a study of 7000 teens, approximately half were victims of bullying. Not surprisingly, being bullied impacted their mental health – 40% of the victims [...]

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How Does the US View Mental Health?

May is national Mental Health Month. This month focuses attention on mental health and wellness, as well as supporting those who struggle with mental health disorders. For some, being open about their mental health or emotional problems can be very uncomfortable. They may have been raised in a family where feelings or personal problems should be kept to themselves, or they may be concerned about how their friends, family, and co-workers will perceive them if [...]

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When Too Much Gaming Becomes a Disorder

This blog has discussed some of the downsides to too much screen time, but there is another type of screen time that can be even more problematic: gaming. Gaming can include game play on a gaming console, computer, hand-held device, or phone, and is a favorite pastime for some young people. When gaming begins to overtake other areas of a person’s life, however, the hobby may have evolved into a disorder. Gaming Disorder is a [...]

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The Power of Nature

Many people seek special supplements or alternative therapies as part of their self-care and improving their mental health. In actuality, there is a mental health booster that exists all around us: nature. Here in Colorado, we recognize the appeal of our natural landscape and the joy of being outside. Now, research has confirmed that spending time in nature is good for one’s mental health. Even living close to nature is enough to have an impact. [...]

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